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Texas and China Sea Petroleum machinery company limited is drilling and production machinery and equipment, spare parts, tools, wellhead products, professional manufacturers. Excellent design capabilities, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, complete detection means, a sound quality management system, as well as manufacturing, testing and laboratory space with a certain scale. The company's main business is oil equipment manufacturing and petroleum technology service. Oil equipment manufacturing including: TPB series hydraulic adjustable profile injected pump, and intelligent adjustable profile injected system, and sludge adjustable profile injected system, and measurement added drug device, and bubble injected pry block device, and adjustable profile note poly supporting products, and acidification pump, and note poly pump, and pump accessories (as cylinder sets, and valve body seat, and valve box, and piston and piston rod,), and drill finished well tool, and solid well tool and wellhead device (as casing head, and production tree,), products of quality are has reached international advanced level. Petroleum technology services include: secondary and tertiary oil recovery technology for oil field provides profile and sealing against water, flooding, flooding and other technical services. The company has obtained ISO9001 international quality system and United States Petroleum Institute specifications certificate, with independent import and export rights. Company is the Member of China Petroleum and petrochemical enterprise network, forming a high brand awareness in the market, products are sold in major oilfields in the country (Daqing, liaohe, Dagang, Jilin, HuaBei, victory, Changqing, Xinjiang, Qinghai, etc), and exports to Kazakhstan, Europe and other countries and regions of the world.
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